We’ve partnered with SMACH to service all your ice cream needs!

We have a strong and ever growing relationship with SMACH who have gone above and beyond for our customers, customizing machines to get them on brand to whatever the clients specifications may be.


EFE 1000+

Soft Serve
Counter top extra compact design, gravity system, single head.




Soft Serve
Auto Clean
Heat Treatment system long term without cleaning

Combi Counter Top.jpg

Counter Top.png


Soft Serve
Auto Clean
Single head wheeled model with Heat Treatment system



EFE 2800 - Milkshake Machine

Soft Serve
Has the ability to serve shakes and ice cream from a single hopper. Also with the S’Twister, it makes any mix possible


 I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!


Batch Freezers

We have multiple multiple series and sizes of batch freezers to suit all our customers needs.

Sude Series - Pro Series - Vertical Batch Freezers

Sude Series

With our Sude series, you can produce gelato easily and quickly. With inverter system and programmable user interface, you are able to adjust and control of the gelato for your desired consistency. Compact cylinder and design help you have fresj gelato every day for small capacities from 1,9 to 7.5 kg of mix per batch.

sude100 batch freezer.png

Sude 100

sude500 batch freezer.png

Sude 500

Sude 800



We can supply showcases of all different shapes and sizes to suit your store and even have them customized with a clients branding

AURA showcase.png

Aura Series

Imperial Series

Prime Series

Blast Freezers

In simple terms these fridges cool stuff super fast! Great for experimental chefs or producing more product on those hot busy days.

Counter Top 1.0

Model No. SBF 07
Capacity: 7 - 10 Kg

SBF-14-min Blast Freezer.png

Counter Top 2.0

Model No. SBF 14
Capacity: 14 - 20 Kg

SBF28 Blast Freezer.png

Wheeled Unit

Model No. SBF 28
Capacity: 28 - 32 Kg